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Re: Powerbook G3, video device not found

Neil Macneale <mac4-deb@theory.org> writes:

> I have just installed woody on my Powerbook Bronze, and I have hit a wall
> trying to get XF86 4 running.  I have been running MkLinux for the past two
> years, and I thought it was about time that I made the change :)
> I am using the 2.2.19 kernel, and I installed off the net, so I am
> pretty sure all the software is up to date.  Basically, the problem
> is that my video card is not being found, even though it shows up in
> the startup message and 'X -scanpci'.  I included all the info that
> I thought would be helpfull because I have basically run out of
> ideas.

I had to install a 2.4 kernel on my TiBook in order to get XFree to
go; the stock Debian 2.2.19 packages didn't work with it.

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