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Re: Advice on a iBook ...

On Thu, 11 Oct 2001, CaRLoS mOGUeL wrote:

> I change YDL to Debian 2.2r0 (potato) and everything
> work fine, except that I had 1GB of free unused space.
>  Trying to fix this I increase the swap to 320M (first
> mistake - no longer than 256M in case is really needed
> !!), so I leave it to 128M and the rest ( almost 2GB )
> to Debian. Since that everytime I reboot or start the
> iBook it sends me to the Open Firmware and nothing
> else, try mac-boot, setenv boot-device hd:8,\\:tbxi,
> Zapping the PRAM, Reinstalling everything  and
> everytime sends me to the OF (this happends only when
> I create the swap and root partitions because if I
> left only MacOS it boots normally). Last night I
> setenv boot-file hd:8,\\yaboot an booted normally to
> the linux side but with no success with the dual boot
> (I'm using bootinfo.txt too).

What does your yaboot.conf look like? What type is your bootstrap
partition set as? When it dumps at the OF prompt, is there any kind of
error or any output showing that it tried to do something?

I can say I have a FireWire iBook happily multibooting OS 9, OS X and
Debian (sid), with no problems.

Derrik Pates      |   Sysadmin, Douglas School   |    #linuxOS on EFnet
dpates@dsdk12.net |     District (dsdk12.net)    |    #linuxOS on OPN

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