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Re: Sound problems

On 11 Oct 2001, John Goerzen wrote:

> Ick.  Wave good-bye to all the non-esound/arts stuff out there, I
> guess.

Yeah, that was what I thought. But reendianizing samples isn't hard to do,
and I guess the OSS API standard specifically makes allowance for the
driver asking for a different format if it doesn't know the requested one,
and the userspace app IS supposed to obey its request.

> Well yes and no.  I changed your test for rev that was rev >= 2 to rev
> == 2 (mine is a rev 3) which effectively said it could do the little
> endian samples. However, rather than just playing with a bunch of
> nasty-sounding static as I expected to occur, *nothing* happened other
> than what looked like an entire lockup for awhile -- X entirely froze
> for about 20 seconds when I tried to play something with arts.  No
> idea why, but suffice it to say I'm back to the way it was :-)

Well, the rev 3 KeyLargo in the iBook I've been using is the same way.
Though I never had it freeze the system like that on me. I didn't know all
the details of that though - if the KeyLargo chipset handled that kind of
stuff, or if it was up to the audio chip itself (DACA for this iBook,
obviously Screamer on your G4 PowerBook) did it. It's apparently the
responsibility of KeyLargo or its equivalent to do that, I'd surmise - at
least from the behavior we're seeing.

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