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Re: XF86 question

On Oct 08 2001, Paul F. Pearson wrote:
> That was it - my mouse was configured incorrectly. Now all I have to
> do is:
> 1) look into what window managers are available

	Many, many. Since I am using a quite old machine with only
	64MB and PowerPC programs seem to be bigger than their x86
	counterparts, I need to use only smaller programs. But I have
	Window Maker and blackbox installed.

	If you also want some Desktop Environments (not window
	managers!) like KDE and GNOME, they are also available.

> 2) get rlogin, etc. installed

	Do you *need* rlogin? Can't you use Open SSH?

> 3) look into Java

	Depending on what you need, gcj may be what you want.

	On the other hand, I see that incoming.debian.org has j2sdk1.3
	packages, but they don't seem to have entered debian now.

> 4) learn more about installing pacakages with Debian. My Linux on PCs
> experience is limited to Red Hat.

	It will be worth it.

	[]s, Roger...

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