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Re: XF86 question

"Paul F. Pearson" <ppearson@hiwaay.net> writes:

> That was it - my mouse was configured incorrectly. Now all I have to do
> is:
> 1) look into what window managers are available

Just about every window manager you can possibly imagine (and then
some) are packaged for Debian.

> 2) get rlogin, etc. installed

Do you really need rlogin?  SSH (i.e. OpenSSH) is your friend.

> 3) look into Java

Woody is a lot better with respect to Java tools.  If you need Sun's
proprietary Java, i think it's in incoming.debian.org, waiting to go
into non-free.  But you should also look at GCJ and Kaffe, both of
which are packaged for Debian and work.

> 4) learn more about installing pacakages with Debian. My Linux on
> PCs experience is limited to Red Hat.

There's a lot of different layers to the Debian package management
system.  It's kind of confusing at first.  A very simple first
approximation would be to say that 'dpkg -i' is what you want to use
for installing individual .deb packages you download, and to use
'apt-get' for automatically fetching new packages from the 'net or
from a CD.

These questions are more suitable for debian-user, by the way. 

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