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Re: XF86 question

What window manager are you using?  One thing to try right off the
bat is to stop gdm before logging in, just in case there is
something wrong there.  The other thing is to make sure that your
XF86Config file has the right setup for the mouse, namely
/dev/input/mice and protocol IMPS/2.  Also, what does the log file


"Paul F. Pearson" wrote:
> I just installed Potato on a PowerMac 7500 with a G3 card. I used the
> network install, and al wnet wel (except for some reason I couldn't get
> the non-US packages - I think the network at work was screwy). When I boot
> into Linux, I get the XDM login screen, but after I enter my
> usernam/password, it hangs with a gray screen. THe cursor doesn't respond
> to the mouse, either.
> I copyie dhte default Xsession file to ~/.xsession, but to no avail.
> any suggestions? This furstrates me because I feel like I'm pretty decent
> with my Linux machine at home on a PC. I can't help but think that I'm
> missing something simple.
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