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Re: XF86 question

"Paul F. Pearson" wrote:
> That was it - my mouse was configured incorrectly. Now all I have to do
> is:
> 1) look into what window managers are available

I use wmaker, otherwise known as WindowMaker, because I'm a die hard
NeXT user.  Others like sawfish and the gnome layer, and then there
are the old standbys twm and mwmwmwm or whatever it's called.

> 2) get rlogin, etc. installed

# apt-get install rsh-client

> 3) look into Java

can't help ya there.

> 4) learn more about installing pacakages with Debian. My Linux on PCs
> experience is limited to Red Hat.

Red what?  Never heard of it.  Try 

# man apt-get

it will blow your mind compared to rpm.

> Thanks to everyone. THis is pretty cool!

Yes, it is.


PS Get a USB card and a 3 button USB mouse.  Saved my X life.

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