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Re: 128 bits ? (was: Re: Trouble getting airport to talk to UFO base station)

On Sat, 6 Oct 2001, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

> Well, either Apple added 128 bit encryption, or the linux driver
> is incorrectly detecting the encryption key lenght. I don't really
> know which one is the correct answer, but the fact is that recent
> linux drivers say it's 128.

The Orinoco driver can't (or couldn't last I checked) even detect whether
or not a Lucent card supported 128-bit versus 48/56/64-bit encryption
(whatever it is, I am not sure) support on cards - my Orinoco Silvers show
up in Linux (on an i386 system, using the orinoco_cs drivers) and
supporting 128-bit keys, but I know they do not.

> The firmware of the card in the base station (which is, afaik, a
> standard pcmcia card from lucent) is updated by the firmware of
> the base station. Well, I think it is...

No, it's not. I've pulled a card out of an ABS while hacking it (actually
hacked 20+ to have ventilation - heat issues), and even the most
up-to-date base stations didn't upgrade the firmware on the
WaveLAN/Orinoco card, it was still whatever it shipped with.

> It's always good to make sure both match (your airport firmware
> and the base station one).

The AirPort cards use the same firmware as Orinoco/WaveLAN cards, so the
7.x firmware is probably your best bet. (If Apple has an updater that
installs the 7.x Lucent firmware - I don't know if they do or not.)

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