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Re: Problems with SMP

Christoph Ewering wrote:
> Hello !
> I´m running a 604/200 MP in a 7300 PowerMac and they work fine since kernel 2.4.6 or so.
> Looks to me that you boot into Linux with BootX.
> You have to use miboot or quik to boot a MP Old-World Mac to get both processors for Linux.

Not true.  I use it on my dual 8500.  The thing is, after a certain
release of MacOS, it does something bad to the second processor.  So
you have to use a version prior to that with BootX, or use quik.  Or
miboot, I guess, but I've never used that.  I don't remember the
exact release number when the problem started, but I have 7.5.1,
which is fairly ancient, but does the trick.  I don't use macos for
anything else, so it's not a problem.


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