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Re: 128 bits ? (was: Re: Trouble getting airport to talk to UFO base station)

>There has been some information about Apple silently moving its new
>Airport cards to 128-bit encryption. Anybody with more detail about
>that? Can we get that under Linux? How about the Airport base station?

Well, either Apple added 128 bit encryption, or the linux driver
is incorrectly detecting the encryption key lenght. I don't really
know which one is the correct answer, but the fact is that recent
linux drivers say it's 128.

The firmware of the card in the base station (which is, afaik, a
standard pcmcia card from lucent) is updated by the firmware of
the base station. Well, I think it is...

It's always good to make sure both match (your airport firmware
and the base station one).


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