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ibook2 playing audio CDs

I finally got audio CDs to play on my ibook2. In case anyone else is
struggling with this, here's how I did it. 

I'm using Woody
kernel 2.4.10-ben0
using ide-scsi for /dev/hdb
using xmms with the AudioCD Reader plugin from the xmms-cdread package

I have these sound modules loaded:

Module                  Size  Used by
dmasound_pmac          39232   1
dmasound_core          13216   1 [dmasound_pmac]
soundcore               4816   3 [dmasound_core]
i2c-keywest             4880   0 (unused)
i2c-core               14768   0 [dmasound_pmac i2c-keywest]

link /dev/cdrom to /dev/sr0
configure the AudioCD Reader plugin to "Read Digital CD Audio"

To play a CD in xmms, click the add file button and select the
/dev/cdrom device. Actually, I just noticed that xmms automatically
puts the tracks in the playlist when the CD is loaded.

Ron Golan

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