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Re: Help:-- Beige G3 boot problem

Here's a little more OF black magic from NetBSD. They say to determine if a
device may be bootable, at the OF prompt type

O > dev /path/to/device
O > words

If one of the words in the resulting list is 'open', it might be bootable.
So see what it says for the path you tried, and maybe for some of the
aliases you listed before like /ide. Possibly using an alias might work
better than the actual path.

Another possibility is that the path ofboot is giving is just incorrect.
Actually from the dev / ls output and devalias you sent before, it seems
like maybe


might work for the nvsetenv boot-device argument.

Open Firmware is also said to be quite buggy before version 3. You might
check the netBSD site for their words on System Disk.

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