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Re: ibook2 playing audio CDs

In debian.powerpc, you wrote:
>I finally got audio CDs to play on my ibook2. In case anyone else is
>struggling with this, here's how I did it. 
>using xmms with the AudioCD Reader plugin from the xmms-cdread package
>link /dev/cdrom to /dev/sr0
>configure the AudioCD Reader plugin to "Read Digital CD Audio"
>To play a CD in xmms, click the add file button and select the
>/dev/cdrom device. Actually, I just noticed that xmms automatically
>puts the tracks in the playlist when the CD is loaded.

That's fine as far as it goes, but it doesn't do the trick for things
like Railroad Tycoon, or other programs that play audio off the CD.
(eg: workbone.) I've started (and not yet progressed very far[1]...)
on a set of libraries and programs that will emulate the ioctl functions
provided for audio CD playback on PCs; that should do the trick in 99%
of cases.

Still a long way from being made generally available, though.. if anybody
cares to do this themselves, feel free (ie: don't wait on me ;-)

Call me ambitious if you must. :)

[1] I've a very good set of ideas on how to do it, but actual development
    work is progressing very slowly. It's called "lack of free time and
    inclination".. yeah, ok, I admit it -- I'm lazy. ;-)

    At this stage, I'm planning on using either cdda2wav or cdparanoia
    to do the ripping, pipe the digital audio to some other program, and
    get said program to pipe it to the sound card. That way, I can
    emulate pausing, resumption, and so on. A long term goal *might* be
    to remove the reliance on a ripping package.. but that's for after
    the basic stuff is working.

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