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Re: OT: Darwin

"Albert D. Cahalan" <acahalan@cs.uml.edu> writes:

> >> NetBSD has also a not so free sourcecode (I see it as package not
> >> only the Kernel). Some parts are not published under GPL (like
> >> Linux) but under the BSD License which restricts developers and
> >> users.

> > That's not correct.  The BSD license is more liberal than the GPL,

> Nope. The original BSD license places restrictions on how you may
> advertize BSD-based products. (must mention UC Berkeley) While the
> university has dropped this requirement, many people cloned the
> license with their own name in place of UC Berkeley. Thus you may
> not advertize NetBSD without including a huge list of contributers.

I guess it depends on your version of 'liberal'.  Despite that
restriction, you can do more with the BSD code than with GPL code.
Who cares about the details though, I hate licensing discussions - I
just wanted to correct a rather gross error on the part of the
original poster.

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