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Re: HFS Plus on Linux ?

Branden Robinson writes:

> Yeah, and we all owe you a debt of thanks for that beautiful
> ps manpage *you* wrote.

You try fighting with that *roff crap.

I've seen two separate attempts to "fix" the man page. Both of
them were not only ugly, but misleading as well. Spaces and line
breaks ended up in inappropriate places, along with hyphens!

Hyphen, dash, minus... they all look the same in every font I have.
This symbol, whatever you call it, is damn significant on the
command line. You might as well just delete the man page if you
can't keep the hyphens and whitespace under control.

Our man page macros make this bad tool worse, with nasty defaults
that are really hard to fight. Take a look at Tru64 sometime,
perhaps via Compaq's testdrive program over the Internet. Tru64
man pages don't look half as shitty as the Debian ones do.

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