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Re: HFS Plus on Linux ?


> > [ much blah blah hfsplus blah ]
> > Yeah, and we all owe you a debt of thanks for that beautiful
> > ps manpage *you* wrote.
> You try fighting with that *roff crap.
> [ blah blah continues ]

Since this thread starts drifting both offtopic and getting
somewhat impolite, I suggest you (all) perhaps refrain from 
sending (all) your "i-am-very-much-pissed" mails in private
(or just change the topic to "we like pissing on each others
head", since it makes it much easier to filter it out)

Don't get me wrong, I'm also pissed by reading a question about
linux keycodes every second day and having answers like "why
is this and why is that" when the answer is perfectly obvious.
However, I'd prefer having this list as a useful source of
qualified information than of newcomer-slashing.

thanks, bye
Philipp Kaeser / furball@space.ch

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