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Re: HFS Plus on Linux ?

> > its just hard to motivate oneself to work on a crappy filesystem that
> > will never be used mainstream (unlike ext2, ext3, xfs etc).
> Oh come on. There is hope. Look at the Amiga filesystem, with the
> insane hard linked directories. Linux supports that. Linux also

Yep, but there never was something like affstools. And affs has been
implemented for Linux back in the old days, when pretty much half of the
user base were kernel hackers of some flavor (by need mostly).

> supports SGI Irix's obsolete EFS, IBM OS/2's HPFS, the QNX filesystem,
> various disgusting SysV and SCO filesystems... There is even some
> out-of-tree support for Commodore 64, VMS, Netware on-disk format,

VMS Files-11? Do tell - we could have used that a while ago to back up
some old SCSI disks. Didn't find anything at that time.


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