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RE: OT: Darwin

 From: Leandro Guimarães Faria Corsetti Dutra [mailto:leandrod@mac.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 8:48 AM
> Berg, Björn wrote:
> > 
> > Thanks for this interesting news and background information!
> 	Hm.  I should quit being a Mac-fan, GNU-believing, 
> hacker-wannabe DBA and try 
> to do something as a Computer Historian (do such a thing 
> exist?) or industry 
> analyst -- but then, I think my views are too much against the grain.

Yes, this would be a great idea. If a Computer Historian does not exist, you
will be the one who introduce it :-))

> >>	Hmm, kinda dual-booting?
> >>
> > 
> > Well, tht's something I look forward to, but it isn't easy. 
> I have to boot
> > Linux with mklinux. I didn't get Yabbot running on my 
> PowerPC. Perhaps it is
> > to old, because it supports no OpenFirmware as example.
> > I thought more, to port some features to Linux PowerPC...
> 	Yes, it's probably Old World and Yaboot will work only 
> in New World machines. 
> You would need miBoot (fake Mac OS) or BootX (Mac OS 
> extension).  In the first 
> case you need only a circa 20 MB HFS partition; in the second 
> you need at 
> least a basic, working installation of Mac OS with some 
> megabytes to spare, 
> but then you can dualboot with Mac OS.

Well, then would be miboot my choice. I'm trying to set up a system which
does not require MacOS in any way. BootX won't run on my Powerbook, don't
ask me why, but it does not run. So MkLinux-Booter was the only choice at
the moment.

> > I found another port of an UNIX based OS. BeOS is also port 
> to the PowerPC,
> > but even not to older ones.
> 	BeOS is just POSIX, not the GUI... but anyway it is 
> History now, they ceased to 
> develop and promote the desktop version and were bought by 
> 3Com's Palm.

That is very new to me. I thought, there is a free developer group around
BeOS. This is what they write on some pages. But I see, that they don't
develop it further. The version 5 was there at the end of 2000 I remember...

Greetz :-))

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