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Re: OT: Darwin

Berg, Björn wrote:

Thanks for this interesting news and background information!

Hm. I should quit being a Mac-fan, GNU-believing, hacker-wannabe DBA and try to do something as a Computer Historian (do such a thing exist?) or industry analyst -- but then, I think my views are too much against the grain.

	Hmm, kinda dual-booting?

Well, tht's something I look forward to, but it isn't easy. I have to boot
Linux with mklinux. I didn't get Yabbot running on my PowerPC. Perhaps it is
to old, because it supports no OpenFirmware as example.
I thought more, to port some features to Linux PowerPC...

Yes, it's probably Old World and Yaboot will work only in New World machines. You would need miBoot (fake Mac OS) or BootX (Mac OS extension). In the first case you need only a circa 20 MB HFS partition; in the second you need at least a basic, working installation of Mac OS with some megabytes to spare, but then you can dualboot with Mac OS.

Yes, I did. They do not support my Powerbook either. And as far as I
remember the community around NetBSD is not as big as the community around
LinuxPPC. I'm the oppinion that it is much more difficult to hack on BSD
than on Linux, and they are much slower developing and including new
features than the Linux people.

	Sure, all true.

I found another port of an UNIX based OS. BeOS is also port to the PowerPC,
but even not to older ones.

BeOS is just POSIX, not the GUI... but anyway it is History now, they ceased to develop and promote the desktop version and were bought by 3Com's Palm.

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