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Re: debian-powerpc: yaboot & ybin bug ???

on 9/3/01 11:57 PM, Matt Brubeck at mbrubeck@hmc.edu wrote:

>> Actually, I noticed that, since with my particular config, I need to
>> add video=ofonly at the end of the param line (when I want to recover
>> in the same way as Brendan), the penguin logo will stick to the top of
>> the screen and never disappear until I reboot.
> Does it stay there even if you switch to another virtual terminal
> (alt+Fx) or run an X server?


I don't know. Since I installed kernel 2.4.8-powerpc from Debian, I can't
switch to another virtual terminal anymore :-(

I have tried any combination of keys even left and right alt but nothing
will bring another virtual terminal.

Any idea?


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