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XF 4.1.0 CRT output support for PB G3/1999 (Lombard)

XFree 4.1.0 works quite well with the PowerBook G3/1999 (aka Lombard).

At least, it works perfectly with the LCD flat panel. I'm trying to get it
to work on my desktop setup where I have an external screen attached to the

For that matter, I created a new layout with the specs of my monitor (these
specs work OK on a PC with this monitor and XF 4.1.0). I also added the

    Option "crt_screen" "true"

In the section defining the video driver. This is properly recognized: when
I start X, the log says that it's going to 1024x768 @ 85Hz (supported by my
monitor) on the CRT interface, disabling the digital flat panel interface.

So far so good... except that it does not seem to do what it says, since the
monitor says "Signal out of range" and there is no image displayed.

Did anyone encounter this problem ? This may be a bug in the ati driver for


Florent Pillet, Code Segment       Florent.Pillet@wanadoo.fr
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