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Re: X 4.1.0 Hints for french PowerBook users...

Florent Pillet wrote:
> on 4/09/01 9:04, Tuomas Kuosmanen at tigert@ximian.com wrote:
> > Now it might be also possible to do something with the keyboard
> > modifiers (Mod1, Mod2 etc..), but I dont yet quite understand how they
> > work, but I wonder if it might be possible to have Alt_L (the current
> > Alt key) to also act as Mode_Switch. Maybe, I dont know yet. In that
> > case we wouldnt need the Fn, and thus the above would not be a problem.
> > However this was the first solution for me, I can now use the keyboard
> > fully to get things done (just as you did with your hack as well)
> A note on the fn key: I tried with Xev and saw that fn by itself does not
> generate any event. I think this is hardwired in the kernel, with the
> sends_linux_keycodes=1 stuff.

I don't think it's got anything to do with that. I'd be surprised if the
kernel could even see the fn key. I bet it's completely handled by the
keyboard controller.

While we're at it, let's clear up some FUD about the fn key: it's never needed
for F7-F12 and the behaviour for F1-F6 can be reversed with a MockOS control

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