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Re: Audio CDs on the iBook2

> I am using ide-scsi (can't rip otherwise, dont know why) and using the
> XMMS cd-read plugin, which rips in realtime and outputs via the soundcard.
> Seems to work fine.

That works in one sense. However, it doesn't really resolve the *general*
problem. (I do apologise; I forgot to mention this in the original email.)
I have a copy of Railroad Tycoon 2 (bought legit, and it has chewed up
*way* too many hours of my time already :-). Much of its sound is generated
in-game (the lowing of cattle at cattle ranches; the horns of the train
engines as they leave a station; etc., etc.) However, the background music
is played direct off the CD.

What I'd *really* like is to have a driver (either pure kernel, or part
kernel, part userspace -- I doubt it could be pure userspace) that
intercepts the "play audio CD" ioctl, and does the necessary ripping/
outputting. In one sense, this is butt ugly; but it really is the cleanest
solution I can think of to the general problem.

I can see, conceptually, how such a thing would work. The problem is, I
have *never* done kernel-level programming before, so it'd take me a
considerable period of time to write such a driver. I could probably do
it; much of the code that I'm likely to need is out there, under the
GPL. I'm just too lazy to take the time to learn. *grins* (plus there's
the fact that I have a heap on my plate at the moment already; I'll get
some spare time next week, but if I get back into one of my hobbies --
which is suspended due to physical injury -- that time will disappear
*very* quickly.)




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