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Troubles with Potato/Woody on iBook 2001

Hi all,

This message describes some problems I've ran into while installing a Debian
distr (2.2r3 + update stable) on a new iBook 2001 (P29 aka Marble).

First it seems that the kernel that ships on the CD is a pre 2.2.18 and
won't boot on this machine. So I got a 2.2.18 from Suse (god forbids!) just
to use with yaboot during installation.
After I was done with the installation, I downloaded the 2.2.19. More
exactly, I updated the stable (potato) on top of a freshly installed 2.2r3
and then moved the vmlinux kernel from / to my bootstrap partition where
yaboot is located, then changed the yaboot.conf file to point to the new

The result when I reboot is a white screen with Do-QUIESCE finishedbooting
hanging (it seems to continue booting, I just can't see it.)

Rebooting with the original 2.2.18 works fine. On the iBook 2001, I have to
set "video=ofonly" to get video at boot time. Is this related? It seems that
the OS is still loading but I can't see it.

Next, I updated to the testing release (woody) on the linux partition and
leaving 2.2.18 in the bootstrap partition to start with yaboot, the keyboard
is mapped totally wrong just after loading the USB drivers from the linux
partition it seems (I type when booting and keys are ok until usb is
detected and loaded.) Note: the internal keyboard on the iBook is USB.

After installing woody, I noticed that the /lib/modules dir still doesn't
contain a 2.4 subdir in there, only a 2.2.19 (part of the potato update.) So
no drivers from 2.4 can be loaded. Is this intented to be that way on a PPC
machine? It would seem that doing a woody update on a potato update would
get me the modules for 2.4 in my linux partition, right?

Coming back to the white screen problem, if I move any kernel higher than
2.2.18 in my bootstrap partition, I get the white screen and DO-QUIESCE
frozen display even with woody installed in the linux partition (and I still
get the broken keyboard problem.)

Thanks for your help in advance,


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