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Re: woody installation confusion

On Sun, Sep 02, 2001 at 09:13:53PM +0200, Andreas Wüst wrote:

> But, what I can't understand is, I thought the boot-floppies are broken because of
> this 1.44MB crunching problem, so there must obviously some files or programs be
> missing. I can't understand why the installation seems to work despite this
> missing data more or less?

its probably depending entirely on what build someone used.  i have
since commited a patch to boot-floppies cvs which will cause the build
to fail miserably if the root image is larger then the floppy image
(the floppy image is always whats shipped as root.bin). 

> Is it not possible not to have the boot floppies in the 1.44MB format for
> users who want to install from harddisk? Or did I not get the point of
> the floppies right?

boot-floppies are the same no matter how you use them.  CDs use the
exact same root.bin you download and put on a floppy or put on a hard
disk.  thats why we restrict ourselves to having a ramdisk no larger
then 1440k (it also allows installation on low memory systems as

Ethan Benson

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