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Re: woody installation confusion


Thank you all for answering!

>> After reading this one can say that it is, at the moment, impossible to
>> install woody on a ppc machine?
> I did it on a Tibook 2 days ago, and my Debian runs just fine at the
> moment (I made a bootable CD 1 of Woody using my local mirror

I don't own a cd toaster... :(

>-- boot-floppies 3.0.13). *But* the boot-floppies are quite broken :
> - it will hang up if you configure your keyboard, leave it as it is
> for the installation, then reconfigure it later (could be my fault --
> bad choice ?) ;
> - the installer mounts ext2 partitions with type usbdevfs, you'll
> have to remount them manually before continuing ;
> - it refuses to activate a swap partition, but this one could be my
> fault (bad type on this very partition ?) ;
> - there are a bunch of warnings printed out each time you do
> something, but it seems to be harmless ;
> - you'll have to write a yaboot.conf by hand, then run mkofboot and
> ybin (chroot to /target, then mount /proc, run mkofboot and ybin).
> After that, it's like any other Debian installation, it runs just fine
> once rebooted.
> So, uhm, actually for a clueless user it's impossible.

Well, that's what I am.

But, what I can't understand is, I thought the boot-floppies are broken because of
this 1.44MB crunching problem, so there must obviously some files or programs be
missing. I can't understand why the installation seems to work despite this
missing data more or less?

Is it not possible not to have the boot floppies in the 1.44MB format for
users who want to install from harddisk? Or did I not get the point of
the floppies right?

> I'm going to
> file some bugs on the boot-floppies package.
> This list was of a great help while installing/configuring the Tibook,
> thanks to all the contributors.

All the best,

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