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Re: woody installation confusion

Julien BLACHE wrote:
> Andreas Wüst <andiw@pop.agri.ch> wrote:

> > After reading this one can say that it is, at the moment, impossible to
> > install woody on a ppc machine?
> I did it on a Tibook 2 days ago, and my Debian runs just fine at the
> moment (I made a bootable CD 1 of Woody using my local mirror --
> boot-floppies 3.0.13). *But* the boot-floppies are quite broken :
>  - it will hang up if you configure your keyboard, leave it as it is
> for the installation, then reconfigure it later (could be my fault --
> bad choice ?) ;

No worries, the kernel-image used for boot-floppies was still broken wrt Linux
keycodes. I've uploaded a fixed version which will hopefully make it into
woody for the next boot-floppies version.

>  - the installer mounts ext2 partitions with type usbdevfs, you'll
> have to remount them manually before continuing ;

Yeah, that one cost me some time to figure out, strange one...

>  - it refuses to activate a swap partition, but this one could be my
> fault (bad type on this very partition ?) ;

Worked for me. The partition name must be swap IIRC.

>  - you'll have to write a yaboot.conf by hand, then run mkofboot and
> ybin (chroot to /target, then mount /proc, run mkofboot and ybin).

Automatic configuration of yaboot worked for me, even with a separate /boot
partition. :)

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