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Re: woody installation confusion


Thank you very much for fast answer Ethan!!

>> After having read a lot of previous posts on this list and some amount of
>> documentation, I have to admit that I am quite confused about the
>> installation of woody on my TiBook.
>> In "Re: tiBook(Titanium), Debian install problems (mac-fdisk, 30GB)" I've
>> read that the root disk in woody is being corrupt at the moment, when
>> written into the 1.44MB image. But, if I want to install from harddisk,
>> does this also belong to me? I dont think that there is any 1.44MB
>> restriction on my HD (it's been to expensive for such a small amount of
>> space ;) ). So I just need to download the kernel, yaboot, yaboot.conf and
>> root.bin?
> the problem is root.bin is always 1.44MB  doesn't matter whether you
> put it on a floppy or not.

In this case I'll have to wait till it is fixed?

>> I've also read that there is no base system package like in potato (except
>> the one Ethan Benson created, but penguin.ppc is down..), and someone told
>> me to mirror the base packages on my harddisk, though I don't know which
>> packages I have to donwload for this? I don't have a very good dial-up
>> connection, so I am not able to donwload mb's of packages just for fun :(.
> you must have a network connection that does not use ppp or pppoe
> protocols to install right now.  otherwise you must have a
> basedebs.tgz.  i would make one but penguinppc is homeless atm.

Well, I haven't. Seems as I have to install potao and then upgrade or wait for
the basedebs. Will installation from harddisk be supported later on?

>> Or would it be recommended at the moment to install potato base and then
>> dist-upgrade? Michel told me that the woody boot floppies are quite better
>> than the potato ones, so I focuesd on installing woody directly.
> they are, but since i stopped working on them they seem to have
> decayed and rotted into a mess again.  
> potato will work, but you have to do all the bootloader stuff yourself
> and be sure you do it correctly, the installer will NOT warn or check
> anything for errors.  (and EVERYONE seems to screw it up, that why i
> like woody boot-floppies, its next to impossible to screw up, it won't
> let you).

So I am a bit afraid of installing potato! :(

After reading this one can say that it is, at the moment, impossible to
install woody on a ppc machine?

>> BTW: Does there already exist an installation manual for woody like the
>> ones for potato?
> yes, its in flux, but its available in the same place as woody
> boot-floppies, just like potato.

Thank you, found it through your hint!

Best regards,

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