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usb zip on ppc potato

Hi All,

I have just migrated from Yellowdog where I was using a 2.3 USB backport) and
have most things running now. However I am having problems with getting my USB
zip 100 working. What things do I need to do for this? I have looked through the
lists for ideas, but the packages mentioned do not exist on the debian CDs
(hotplug usb-storage usb-core etc). I'm running potato'd 2.2.19 which I
understand should support USB storage. Can anyone help?

thanks in advance
Dan Kortschak

_____________________________________________________________   .`.`o     
                                                         o| ,\__ `./`r
  Dan Kortschak                                          <\/    \_O> O    
  Genetics (DMB)          phone :+61 8 8303 4863          "|`...'.\
  Adelaide University     fax   :+61 8 8303 7534           `      :\ 
  Australia 5005          mailto:dan.kortschak@adelaide.edu.au    : \

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