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XF86Config modes for iMac rev. D with 3.3.6

Hi All,

I have just migrated from Yellowdog linux. I have fairly successfully massaged
most of the configs from the previous install to work with Debian. However I'm
having quite a problem getting X (3.3.6 of potato) to work; startx with the
default modes works but gies a useless display (very scrambled) and the mode
returned by fbset -x is deleted along with the rest if it's included in
XF86Config. Does anyone have a fix for this or an XF86Config file that they know
works with an iMac revision D.

thanks in advance
Dan Kortschak

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                                                         o| ,\__ `./`r
  Dan Kortschak                                          <\/    \_O> O    
  Genetics (DMB)          phone :+61 8 8303 4863          "|`...'.\
  Adelaide University     fax   :+61 8 8303 7534           `      :\ 
  Australia 5005          mailto:dan.kortschak@adelaide.edu.au    : \

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