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Re: serial mouse on older pmac?

I've successfully done this in the past. XFree86 should work fine if you tell
it to use a serial mouse. You may have to construct a special adapter for 
the serial port--IIRC, it's slightly different from a regular RS422-232

http://www.msn.fullfeed.com/~chuck/smd.html has some information. Since 
the file wtih the readme is in a MacOS-specific format, I copied out the
pinout for you:

8 minidin
Pin #   Macintosh
        Description     RS232
                        Name    Mouse
                                Pin #   Mouse
                                        Pin #

1       Handshake Out   RTS     7       4
1       Handshake Out   DTR     4       20
2       Handshake In    CTS     8       5
3       Transmit Data   TD      3       2
4       Ground  GND     5       7
5       Receive Data -  RD      2       3
8       Receive Data +  GND     5       7



On Tue, Aug 14, 2001 at 10:39:03AM +0200, furball@space.ch wrote:
> Hej,
> I'm having debian 2.2r3 installed on a powerbook 2400c,
> featuring a lot of applications like gimp and xfig...
> however, it's quite a mess to use these applications
> since they heavily depend on three-button-mice configurations.
> The solution of having the 2nd and 3rd button emulated
> by keyboard is not very practical; thus I was wondering
> if it is possible to have a PC serial mouse attached to
> the laptops serial port and configure it as on a PC.
> Does anyone ever have tried this? Does anyone know if
> the mouse requires a PC serial port (rs232) or if it
> works on macs (rs???) as well? are the drivers for
> gpm and (most importantly) X compiled-in (or left out
> due to "improbable config")?
> thanks a lot, bye
> Philipp Kaeser / furball@space.ch
> -- 
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