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Re: PCMCIA (was: Re: BenH TiBook kernels @ debian.jones.dk)

Hi all,

On   8 Aug, this message from Tuomas Kuosmanen echoed through cyberspace:
> On 07 Aug 2001 21:45:48 +0200, Michel Lanners wrote:
>> For me PCMCIA works without problems (AFAICT; only old-style 16-bit
>> PCMCIA tested so far) with BenH's kernels; however don't forget to adapt
>> the resource ranges available to PCMCIA in /etc/pcmcia/config.opts:
>> # PowerPC ioports and memory:
> Are you using pcmcia-cs or the stuff in the kernel?

Modules out of the kernel, and the pcmcia-cs package for the tools and

> I have a pcmcia
> Smartmedia flash card reader, and it used to work once with ide_cs
> module. But now it doesnt seem to..

Well, other than checking the ranges, I have no advice...

> And since gphoto2 works with my
> camera over usb, I havent been trying too hard to get it working, but it
> might be nice if it did work.

What gphoto2 are you using? I have compile errors; even after multiple
attempts to resolve the problems I've not succeded in compiling it...



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