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Sleep on TiBook, getting Gnome sounds working

Hey, all.

I'm running sid on my TiBook with vmlinux-2.4.6benh20010705 as my
kernel. Overall, I'm pretty psyched with how well everything works --
my system is noticeably peppier under Linux than it is under even
MacOS 9.1. However, it is very sad-making when my system keels over
dead with no warning because its battery has run dry. The kernel I'm
running is one that I got from debian.jones.dk (thanks for making that
available, Mr. Jones!) and has apm_emu support compiled in. 


  1) created the apm_bios node in /dev
  2) modprobe'd apm_emu, and
  3) I've got apmd and apm-sleep installed.

Yet, sadly, I cannot get the system to go to sleep, nor can I get any
battery monitors to tell me anything useful about the system's battery
state. Running apmsleep gives me "unknown return option 255", and
running apm returns "32-Bit APM interface not supported". I'm pretty
new to PPC Linux, so I'm aware I'm probably overlooking something
self-evident. Do I have a bad kernel? Is there some sort of
configuration that I've overlooked in my mad haste to get my laptop up
and running?

On another note, I've got sound mostly working on my system. I get
that weird atonal beep from my system after I modprobe dmasound_pmac
(which I have aliased to sound like a good boy, but nothing seems to
notice and/or care except modprobe). mp123 and XMMS both work when run
as superuser (is that right?), and esd will at least start (it emits a
funky rising four-tone test sequence at startup). However, I can't get
all my cute little Gnome noises to emit from my computer,  nor can I
get esd and XMMS to work at the same time. Both should be able to use
/dev/dsp without hogging it, right? This is a little thing, but my
user experience is made of little things.

Any help with these queries would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks
for your time.

Forrest Norvell

       . . . the self-reflecting image of a narcotized mind . . .
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