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Re: Sleep on TiBook, getting Gnome sounds working

ogd@aoaioxxysz.net (ozymandias G desiderata) writes:

> I'm running sid on my TiBook with vmlinux-2.4.6benh20010705 as my
> kernel. Overall, I'm pretty psyched with how well everything works

One of my friends (a math guy) who has a passing familiarity with
systems like GNU/Linux, upon seeing my TiBook running GNOME for the
first time, asked in all seriousness "Is that computer made to run

Of course, the GNU stickers on the lid probably aided that impression

> However, it is very sad-making when my system keels over dead with
> no warning because its battery has run dry. 

Yeah, it would be nice if pmud handled this by sending SIGPWR to init
(or however it's "traditionally" done).

> On another note, I've got sound mostly working on my system. I get
> that weird atonal beep from my system after I modprobe dmasound_pmac
> (which I have aliased to sound like a good boy, but nothing seems to
> notice and/or care except modprobe). mp123 and XMMS both work when
> run as superuser (is that right?), 

Add your regular user account to group "audio".  The /dev/dsp device
should by default be owned by root.audio, mode 660.

> However, I can't get all my cute little Gnome noises to emit from my
> computer, nor can I get esd and XMMS to work at the same time. Both
> should be able to use /dev/dsp without hogging it, right?

Just set XMMS to use ESD as its output plugin.

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