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[Yves <yrougy@rougy.net>] Re: new ibook (icebook) with debian ppc

I believe Yves meant to send this to the list.

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Colin Walters(walters@cis.ohio-state.edu)@Sat, Jul 07, 2001 at 02:38:56PM -0400:
> Matthias Güter <m.grueter@gmx.net> writes:
> > i'm about to buy a new ibook (www.apple.com/ibook) and i'm not
> > planning to use neiter macos9 nor macosx. as a happy debian
> > gnu/linux user it is very important to me to know how well the ibook
> > works with the ppc distro (potato or woody).  i'd like to know what
> > hardware components
> > ethernet
> I believe it's regular GMAC ethernet, so it should work.

It works well

> > audio
> I think this doesn't work at the moment.

Any info about the sound card is welcome ;-)

> > modem
> Should work.

I have tried it with minicom, and I can establish a dialog with it. So I 
suspect it should work.

> > firewire
> I believe Linux kernel support for FireWire support is still in its
> growing stages.  I don't think it supports Apple hardware yet.

I have no further infos...

> > usb
> Should work.

My mouse is working very well (3 buttons ok, the wheel is ok too)

> > airport
> Should work.

Not tried by me

> > tvout
> I'm not sure.  If it's the Rage 128 chip, I think it will work too.

Don't know

Basically, I use my new ibook every day with a Debian sid. You need to get the
benh kernel (penguinppc.org/~benh) if you want the best result. With pmud the
sleep is working too...


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