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Re: Woody install problem with b-f 2.3.5

>> > I would upgrade to the latest b-f (this is the second part), but I can't
>> > because I can't get back into the Mac OS. When I reboot, I reboot back
>> > into Linux, which I can't have on a permanent basis because this machine
>> > (an iMac Rev B) is at a school, and the kids need the Mac OS...So, how do
>> > I get back to the Mac OS? What setting in OF do I change? Then I'll
>> > upgrade to a later version of the b-f to see if that works...
>> >
>> > Thanks!
>> >
>> > Russell
> This advice is great, but how would I do this from OF? That's my problem.
> Because the install fails, I don't have a yaboot/ybin that completely works.
> I therefore cannot edit anything...I have at the moment only the option to
> boot into OF, then to yaboot for the install command.
> Thanks for the help. I should have read the docs more carefully, to get this
> working ahead of time for both OSes.
> Russell

Oh, from OF you can just type mac-boot to get MacOS back. But to get it back
so that it survives restarts, you might need to reset your Parameter RAM
(Cmd-Opt-P-R during the chime).

Then the dual-boot installation will reset your nvram again later so you can

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