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Re: X together with dual scan passive matrix PB display

Steven Hanley wrote:

On Thu, Jun 28, 2001 at 12:39:19PM +0200, leif wrote:

Screen card
 Card name:  ATY, 264LT-G
 Card model: ATY,LT-G
 ROM card number: 113-XXXXX-1.0028
 Card revision: 128
 Card dealer ID: 1002

Oh, woops, I just assumed when you said g3 powerbook that it was a recent
one with a Rage Mobility r128 card or similar. I belive this card is
supported by the plain atyfb and the correct options (see the kernel config)
and hunt through the archives of this list for config options.

Kernel config, is that a command [did not seem like]? I launched linuxconfig, through which I was able to reread the start up commands. There I could read about my graphic card the following:

*macdisplay /pci/aty, 264LT-G
*using unsupported 800*600 ATY,264LT-G at 82800480, depth=16, pitch=1600
*console: switching to colour frame buffer device 100*37
*fbo: open firmware frame buffer device on /pci/aty, 264LT-G

I do understand some of this. But what I most of all would like to know is the nature of "unsupported". And what mens 100*37? I also suppose that if atyfb will work then th line which begins with fbo: should when configured read 'fbo: atyfb frame buffer device etc.'?


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