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Re: mozilla - 5 processes using 149Mb

Alan Macdougall wrote:
> On 17/6/01 at 1:45 AM, Ethan Benson <erbenson@alaska.net> wrote:
> > > Typing "mozilla" at the command line seems to
> > > cause 5 separate processes to be started,
> > > taking in total 149Mb of memory (accorting to
> > > gtop). Given that I only have 64Mb of real RAM
> > > and 50Mb of swap it doesn't take much to end
> > > up thrashing the disk and an unusably slow
> > > experience.
> >
> > no its not.   rtfm these are threads, there is
> > only one process, not 4 and its not taking 149MB
> > of ram.
> I'm still confused, even after RTFM (very old-skool). There's obviously
> no hope. :-)
> The Gnome System Monitor help docs say: "No two processes will have the
> same number." Therefore my assumption that the five lines I was seeing

Your first problem is the you're running gnome.  ~:^)  Just an
observation, you are running a very skinny memory configuration,
with only 64MB physical mem and 50MB swap.  That means that your
system will start failing at the fork or exec system call after
about 113MB is used.  So in this case it is unlikely that there are
a handful of processes consuming 150MB.  It just wouldn't be

Have you thought about upping your swap to something more reasonable
like 64MB or 128MB?  We're not talking about a lot of disk space
here on disks that reasonably modern.  Like 2gig and above.  It
would make your system less of a swap-aholic.


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