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Re: Xfree86 and 7200/75

On Wed, May 30, 2001 at 04:43:01PM +0200, morten wrote:
> I'm starting to wonder whether or not it was a good idea to install the
> xf86_fbdev in my 7200/75. It works, but it seems kind of slow and I don't
> suceed in enhancing the resolution nor the color depth from 640x480 8 bpp.
> the reason I chose it was that in the boot-sequence it autodetects the graphics
> card as a platinum framebuffer device.
> What are you using?

My 7200/90 only came with 1MB of onboard framebuffer memory.  That limits
your resolution+color depth pretty severely.

640x480x8bpp	300kB
640x480x16bpp	600kB
640x480x32bpp	1.2MB

800x600x8bpp	469kB
800x600x16bpp	938kB
800x600x32bpp	1.9MB

I bought a 1MB stick of VRAM so I could get 800x600 with 24-bit color

And, yes, it will be slow.  The 3.x FBDev server had no acceleration.

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