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Re: devfs support in ofpath: criteria for patches

On Wed, May 23, 2001 at 11:18:58PM -0800, Ethan Benson wrote:

> 1) it must NOT damage, cripple, or remove standard, sane short
> non-devfs name support.  

Got that.

> 2) it must be pure posix /bin/sh code.  read me lips, absolutly no bashisms. 

I think I got that (using pdksh's ksh to test right now).

> 3) it must not add any new dependencies to ofpath, that is to say,
> ofpath currently lives without nice stuff like sed, awk, cut etc.  the
> only things out of /usr that is uses is find, head and tail and of
> those it only uses what busybox provides.  ofpath MUST work on the
> debian boot-floppies, they are quite stripped and will not have new
> utilities added.  you can use what utilities ofpath already uses, but
> no new ones.  

Er, what version of busybox? 0.51 seems to have cut and sed.  I'm not sure
I'll need 'em tho..

> 4) persuant to 3, all calls to external utilities must be busybox compatible.  
Got that. :)

> 5) roughly follows my coding style, mainly i don't want to see patches
> with rediculous variables like MY_LONG_ASS_COMPLETLY_UNREADBLE_VARIABLE.

So write sanely, in other words? :)

> 6) it must be a shell function say unfuckdevfs() that is called with
> one argument: /dev/retarded/devfs/name and outputs a normal, unix
> compliant terse name (eg: standard linux device name). i will almost
> certainly not accept a huge patch reworking all of ofpath solely to
> cater to devfs.

I think I've got it as one function.  I'm going to try putting it in
ofpath shortly to see how well it goes..

Tom Rini (TR1265)

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