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Re: Switching consoles (was Re: XFree4 on Pismo)

>on the subject of using the Fn key to access the fucntion keys, I notied one
>day when I first got my pismo that there was an opion in macos (I think I
>read it in the little book that came with the pismo) that there is a way to
>tell macos to reverse the function keys, so the F1-F12 work by default and
>the function key is used to access the special features like screen
>brightness and volume and such.
>Does anyone know how to change this in linux also (well I suppose I could
>remap all the key events, but it sounds messy, and also some things are
>intercepted by the kernel before they hit user space it seems, like the
>screen brightness thing).

There's a special ADB command to send to the keyboard to reverse them.

I beleive one day, I'll have to write a /proc entry for setting that
along with the trackpad tapping features ;)

In the meantime, I beleive the proper ADB sequence is somewhere in
the list archives, I can eventually try to figure it out again next
week if there is great interest.


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