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Re: Switching consoles (was Re: XFree4 on Pismo)

> day when I first got my pismo that there was an opion in macos (I think I
> read it in the little book that came with the pismo) that there is a way to
> tell macos to reverse the function keys, so the F1-F12 work by default and
> the function key is used to access the special features like screen
> brightness and volume and such.
> Does anyone know how to change this in linux also (well I suppose I could

Nope, plese disassemble the control panel that permits you to set this,
and tell us which ADB commands get sent to the keyboard to achieve this.
I'm assuming it's done by setting a special keyboard mode, at least. You
could also try to compare the boot messages output (dmesg) of the Pismo
with the control panel set either way, that might give an indication.


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