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Installing Debian 2.2r2 on a Tibook : help needed !


First of all, I noticed that '=' is often replaced by 't' on this list,
when viewed from the html archive.
For example, I had a hard time figuring out that 'videotofonly' was in fact
A few P appear as well on the end of the lines.
Is it a side effect of using Linux on a powerpc, of some kind of different
ASCII encoding between Mac and PC ?

Well, anyway, I managed to connect to the Open Firmware :
alt+apple+O+F keys down while booting

Then I booted on the install system from cd :
of > boot cd:\\yaboot

then on yaboot prompt :
debian video=ofonly

(otherwise the screen hangs a few seconds later, I guess it can't managed
the video card in the machine).

I went thru the installation process (first partition the hard drive, with
a Apple_Bootstrap partition first), and before 'Make system bootable', I
opened a terminal (apple+right arrow) and installed yaboot (anyway I
thought I was installing yaboot) :
mkofboot -b /dev/hda9 -m /usr/lib/yaboot/ofboot --root /dev/hda11

I reboot and get :

Welcome to yaboot version 0.9
Config file read, 150 bytes
boot : <NUL>
Loading kernel...

Image not found.... try again
WARNING ! default_close called !
boot :

That's it :-(

What I don't get is where the kernel is at the first reboot, while the
system is not installed yet. There is a /target/vmlinux symlink, but if I


at the yaboot boot: prompt, it doesn't find it...

Thanks for any help.


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