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Re: Debian X package shouldn't install XDM by default

On Wed, Apr 11, 2001 at 07:40:56PM +0000, Michael D. Crawford wrote:
> So who's the rocket scientist who decided that if XWindows gets
> installed, then XDM should be enabled?

if you install xdm it is assumed that you wish to run it.  if not then
apt-get remove xdm.  

if you still feel the need to flame someone over this you could flame
the X maintainer, but i think you would be better off slamming your
hand in a car door.  (actually im certain you would be better off
slamming your hand a car door...) 

> Imagine my suprise when I started my debian installation up again for
> the first time in a few days and found the XDM login prompt.  Well,
> that's OK, just press ctrl-command-delete and it kills the x server,
> then I can login and - whoa! - the X server restarts and I have the XDM
> login prompt.

try control command F1, that takes you back to the console.  

> Please, please, please whoever is responsible for maintaining these
> packages don't install a startup script that's going to render a user's
> system unusable until the user has had the opportunity to verify that it
> works on their own, personal, particular system.  

the system is not unusable, if you don't want xdm then don't install

Ethan Benson

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