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Can we narrow down the pump problems?

I'd like to try to narrow down the pump problems. As I mentioned in an earlier message, I have been completely unable to get pump (from unstable) to work on my PowerMac 7300 using the 2.2.18 kernel. Using a static IP address, or the dhcpcd package (from potato) I can access the network perfectly in the same environment. Some other people have mentioned similar problems. I'm hoping if we can gather enough information, we can narrow down the source of the problem and, hopefully, get it fixed.

With this in mind, I have a couple questions:

1) Has anybody gotten pump to work successfully on a machine that uses the MACE ethernet hardware. My understanding is that the following machines use MACE: all PDM machines (PowerMac 61xx, 71xx, 81xx), all PowerMac72xx machines, all PowerMac 7300, 7500, 7600, 85xx, and 95xx machines. If so, in what kernel version(s) did it work?

2) Has anybody gotten pump to work successfully using a 3Com OfficeConnect ISDN LAN modem as their DHCP server? If so, in what kernel version(s) did it work?

If anybody else want to chime with descriptions of configurations where pump does or doesn't work, that information may be helpful as well.

	Peter Canning

PS: In my case, after pump has configured everything (as far as i can tell, the same as my static configuration), it appears all the incoming packets are being dropped when I try to ping the DHCP/DNS server (based on the output of "cat /proc/net/dev").

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