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Re: PB2400 pmud/kernel problem: lost interrupt

Okay, I now have done some testing with more
kernels on both the Powerbook 2400 and another
Powermac 7300, to see where the boot problem lies.

I could not boot all kernels on the 7300 since 
I haven't activated the matroxfb in my PB2400
compilation and did not want to recompile them.

Matrix looks as follows

kernel			PB2400 quik	PB2400 BootX	PM7300 BootX

bk, 2.4.4-pre1		ok		fail		--
benh, 2.4.3		ok		fail		--
pmac, 2.4.0-test11	ok		ok		ok
pmac, 2.2.17		DEFAULT CATCH!	ok	 	--
pmac, 2.2.18		DEFAULT CATCH!	ok		ok
pmac, 2.4.3-pre8	ok		fail		ok
bk, 2.2.19		DEFAULT CATCH!	ok		ok
bk, 2.4.3		ok		fail		ok


a) kernels >= 2.4.3 fail with BootX on PB2400 but
are okay on PowerMac 7300.

b) kernels 2.2.x work on all BootX

c) kernels 2.2.x produce DEFAULT CATCH! in quik

d) all kernels >= 2.4.0 lock the PB2400 when sending it
to sleep, be it from console or X, using "snooze" or 
shutting the lid.

(it's about to get off-topic, but well... :) )

Hope this may help to encircle any bug. 


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