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Re: Exhaustive memory test for Macs?

On Wed, Apr 11, 2001 at 09:48:25PM +1000, Ross Hamilton wrote:
> According to yesterday's Tidbits, the utility below will advise 
> whether your installed memory will pass muster with new firmware 
> updates from Apple (which have apparently refused to recognise some 
> DIMMs): 
> <http://mactcp.org.nz/dimmfirstaid.sit> 
> Probably this is just some packaged, G4-centric vendor checklist, 
> rather than the generic RAM-thrasher you envisage, but it's a tiny 
> download and might be worth a look if you can boot to macos 9.1 on your 
> machine. 
> Sorry I can't offer a more informed opinion. It didn't run at all on my 
> iMac.

Has anyone else tried memtest?  It compiles on my potato ppc box, 7200 and
g3, but it runs under the OS, and only checks memory that is mlock able.

I don't have an URL, but it comes up on the first page of a "memtest" search
on google.


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