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Re: potato on PB G3

On Wed, Apr 11, 2001 at 02:06:08PM +0200, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> Hi there,
> I recently bought a second-hand PB G3 Pismo, my first Mac after many, many
> PCs.
> Now I want to install Debian GNU/Linux, so I sucked the 3 official ISOs,
> burned them, repartitioned the drive with the tool that comes with MacOS 9. Then

don't do that, read my mac-fdisk-basics doc from

when you remove macos you should totally clear the partition table to
eliminate all that macos crap.  

> I rebooted while pressing "C" to start of the binary-1 CD.
> After a few strange problems while booting the kernel, I finally got to do
> the rest of the partitioning with this fdisk-like program and initialized the
> partitions. I was a little surprised how many strange partitions the hard
> drive had before the MacOS partition, which is hda9. hda10,11,12 are now my
> Linux ones (boot, root, swap).

they are all unecessary when you remove MacOS, you should remove them.

the 1st partition should be the map itself, the second should be 800K
Apple_Bootstrap and the 3rd should be root or swap.  

> I learned from HOW-TOs that yaboot (lilo-like tool for powerpc?!?)

yaboot is the /boot/boot.b part of lilo for powerpc, ybin is the
/sbin/lilo for powerpc.  

> preferably wants a small ext2 partition for /boot like you do sometimes on ix86

no!  /boot partitions are a Bad Thing on powerpcs.

> platforms as well. I did that. Then it wanted to copy the base system but after
> having done that, it wanted to it again, and again, and again. Then I selected
> the next step from the menu manually - Installing "QUIK". What is that?
> Whatever it is - it failed with a message that says something like "QUIK is not for
> PowerPCs".

you did not read the installation docs. you are supposed to skip that
step for NewWorld macs and enter a mkofboot command into a shell.  you
must have created the Apple_Bootstrap partition for your machine to be

> For now, I am completely lost. Here's what I like to have:
> - MacOS 9 (X maybe later) on one partition
> - Debian GNU/Linux (potato for now, woody to follow) on one partition (/boot
> can be extra if needed) and a swap partition.

you need to start over and partition your disk correctly.  you must
have a bootstrap partition before the macos partitions to boot
GNU/Linux.  ybin can create dual boot menus for you.  

> Can somebody please point me at a reasonable good tutorial/HOW-TO.
> http://www.powermaclinux.org is nice, but doesn't take you from the beginning till the
> end. If somebody would be so kind and explain it to me himself (doesn't have
> to be in this mailinglist for bandwidth's sake), it would be even better!


and read the debian install docs, your machine is a NewWorld, so pay
attention to the bootloader stuffs about Apple_Bootstrap partitions
and mkofboot. 

Ethan Benson

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