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Re: PB2400 pmud/kernel problem: lost interrupt

>okay, I now got your kernel tree (as well
>as the bitkeeper tree) booting, using quik.
>however, when putting the PB2400 to sleep
>(either by "snooze" or by closing the lid),
>it darkens the screen, but will *not* awake
>again. (and it doesn't blink at the lid shutter,
>when sleeping, as it does with 2.2 kernels
>and in MacOS).
>so, there are these problems:
>a) kernels >= 2.4.3 boot only with quik, and not 
>with BootX 1.2.2 (having the same configuration)

Interesting. What was the last kernel booting with
BootX ? 2.4.2 ?

>b) both bk and benh trees lock the machine
>when going to sleep (spacebar etcetc won't
>awake it)

I'll look into it asap. Neither kernel blinks the
led ? Also, did you try from X, from console, or
both ?

>c) the benh tree wil - when booting - set the
>fblevel (backlight of screen) to 0; I have to
>manually adjust the backlight to see anything

Ok, noted.

>d) kernel 2.2.17 (paulus, most recent I've been
>using) produces a "DEFAULT CATCH" in quik, but
>boots flawlessly from BootX 1.2.2.
>I'd gladly help in debugging the snooze mode in
>2.4 kernels; if anyone could give me a hint on
>how to help with that... :)

Well, I'll give that a look and contact you when I have
found something.


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