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X Mouse doesn't work on 8500; how to accellerate X

I have a fresh install of Debian on a Power Mac 8500.  This is an "old
world" machine, with ADB keyboard and mouse and a PowerPC 604 processor.

Using the framebuffer server, X startx up without complaint but I can't
move the mouse.  /dev/mouse is linked to /dev/input/mice.  The major and
minor numbers are 13, 63.  I also tried linking it to /dev/input/mouse0,
with numbers 13,32.  Still no go.

I'm wondering if recompiling my kernel will help, and if so which kernel
you would consider best to use.  I am having good results with 2.4.3 on
a Pentium III laptop running Slackware, but I've never built a PowerPC
linux kernel before.

The reason I think a new kernel may help is that the boot-floppy-hfs.img
failed to respond to my keyboard when I tried to install from a floppy;
I couldn't continue the boot after inserting the root floppy, and
searching the web found several references to this problem from other
people.  I'm thinking that the stock debian kernels in potato current
may have problems with ADB that I could get past if I build my own.

It's pretty cool running Debian on my Mac, BTW.  I tried out mkLinux on
this same mac quite a while back, but it was pretty rough around the
edges and I didn't do that much with it.  The debian potato linux for
PowerPC, despite my problems, looks much more robust.

One more question - the X server started up fine as it was configured by
default but does not have accellerated video.  My Mac doesn't support
accellerated 3D but I think it does support 2D accelleration.  Can I do
this with the framebuffer driver?  Do I need to compile in a different
framebuffer driver than the one that comes with the stock kernel?  Will
2D accelleration work on this mac with a 2.2 kernel or will I need a 2.4


Mike Crawford
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